Champaign County Parish Council

After collecting nominations from parishioners, our new Champaign County Parish Council has been formed! We had our first meeting on January 10th . I am excited to have a council comprised of leaders representing all four churches that have a love for the Catholic Church and a desire to work together cooperatively to strengthen our churches and the family of parishes as a whole.

The Parish Council is an advisory group to the pastor that helps to bring feedback and ideas from parishioners to guide his decisions. The representatives also will help with communication from the pastor back to parishioners. With six parishes in the family, I will rely on parish council members to help with communication. We now have one parish council for Logan County and one parish council for Champaign County. In the future, we will look at cooperation between the councils so we have a forum to discuss issues pertaining to the family of parishes as a whole in addition to a forum to address issues specific to each county.

I encourage you to become familiar with the Parish Council representatives and feel free to discuss ideas and suggestions for the future with them.

Parish Council Members: Allan Baker, Gideon Day, Kevin Day, Beth Diehl, Gary Edwards, Teresa Hill, Melissa Miller, Mark Navarre, John Schipfer, Dan Shinton, Elle Spinner, Ethan Snyder.