St. Mary's Church Organ

The image below shows our new organ and the display case for the wooden pipes from the old organ. Thanks to Bill Antoniak and all the volunteers for their labors on this project.

The new organ for St. Mary Parish was completed in time for use all during Advent and for our Christmas liturgies.

The organ was installed by Craig Jaynes of Jamestown Organs assisted by several volunteers from the parish. The project got under way after Easter, when the old Tellers organ was removed. Many pipes were sanded and refinished, and a new display case was built in front of the old pipe chambers (now speaker chambers) utilizing many pipes from the old Tellers organ.

The new organ has 3 manuals (keyboards) a Solo division with a Festival Trumpet, an antiphonal division in the rear of the church, and a state of the art memory system. The instrument was voiced by technicians from Walker Organs, who supplied the instrument. The console is of a design that will allow the organist to direct the choir from the console and is made of walnut, stained to match the furnishings in the church.