Souls Crying Out for Justice

We find ourselves today staring in the face the 46th anniversary of the historic Roe vs Wade decision. This decision by the Supreme Court of the United States has been an unqualified disaster for our nation. Aside from the global horror story, since January of 1973 there have been over 61 million abortions in the USA, including 20,000 just in Ohio. And while there were fewer than 20 in Champaign County last year, even one is one too many.

We’re not talking here about medical necessity (e.g. ectopic pregnancy), or rape, or incest, or any of the favorite defenses that are frequently brought up in defense of this barbaric reality. We are talking about the wanton destruction of millions of innocent, defenseless children over the past four decades.

The teaching of the Church is crystal clear on these matters, because the science is crystal clear on these matters. The old arguments about “a blob of tissue”, “a clump of cells”, and “a woman has a right to her own body” have long been disproven. These arguments are meant to soften the reality of what elective abortion really is: the deliberate killing of an innocent, defenseless human being for the sake of convenience.

There is no doubt whatsoever that once conception occurs, a unique human life exists. There is no doubt whatsoever that this new human being has unique DNA that is not the mother’s body and not the father’s body. There is no doubt whatsoever that this human being is innocent and defenseless. It has never been licit, good, or right in any human society to kill an innocent, defenseless human being… and yet we tolerate it under the disguise of “health care.”

Many who turn to abortion are seeking to solve a problem, but abortion doesn’t solve a problem – it creates years of pain, regret, depression, and bonding issues. This is why organizations like Priests for Life, Sycamore House, Elizabeth’s New Life Center, Rachel’s Vineyard, and countless others strive every day to give women a better option.

We cannot call ourselves good Catholic Christians if we sit idly by and allow this tragedy to continue. Contact Champaign County Right to Life and ask how you can help. Volunteer at a Crisis Pregnancy Center. Women and men everywhere and right here are hurting from the after effects of abortion, and those millions of tiny souls are crying out for the mercy of God. It is perhaps reminiscent of Someone Else’s prayer, “Father, forgive them; they know not what they do.”

For the Greater Glory of God,
Fr. Matt