Saints in the Roman Canon (Part 4)

In the Roman Canon, after Peter and Paul are mentioned, we find Andrew.

Andrew was the first to recognize the Messiah through St. John the Baptist, and full of joy he at once led his brother Simon Peter to the Lord. His arduous and successful missionary labors were among the Greeks, ending in Achaia, where he suffered an heroic martyrdom (Nov. 30, 62).

When the governor Aegeas interrogated him, the Apostle made a solemn profession of the Sacrifice of the Cross and of the Altar, whereupon he was condemned to die fastened to the Cross. St. Andrew is the Apostle of the Cross. He salutes the Cross thusly: “Hail, precious Cross, Thou hast been consecrated by the body of my Lord, and adorned with His limbs as with rich jewels. How long have I yearned for thee! At length thou art granted to my desires! Receive the disciple of the Master who hung upon thee; take me from among men, and present me to Him, who through thee redeemed me!”

St. Andrew, pray for us!

For the Greater Glory of God,
Fr. Matt