Saints in the Roman Canon (Part 22)

In the Roman Canon, after the Consecration, we find a list of Martyrs, the first of whom is St.
John the Baptist.
In profound seclusion from the world, St. John the Baptist prepared himself by a life of
contemplation and severe asceticism for his vocation: to go before the face of the Lord, to
prepare His ways, to give knowledge of salvation to His people, unto the remission of their sins
(Luke I:76-77). His whole appearance and penitential preaching made a wonderful impression
on the
people. He closed his blessed labors by a martyr’s death, for he was beheaded because he had
freely and severely censured the adulterous union of Herod with Herodias. His martyrdom is
celebrated on August 29. Through heavenly revelation his head was later on found, and is now
preserved and honored in the ancient Church of S. Silvestro in Capite. St. John the Baptist has
ever been highly honored in the Church; numerous churches are dedicated to him, and many
cities and countries have chosen him as their patron.
St. John the Baptist, pray for us!
For the Greater Glory of God,
Fr. Matt