Saints in the Roman Canon (Part 19)

In the Roman Canon, after Lawrence, we find five laypersons, the first of whom is Chrysogonus.
St. Chrysogonus converted many heathens in Rome to Christianity; he was also the teacher of
St. Anastasia in Christian doctrine, and also her counsel and consoler, when, on account of her
faith, she had many persecutions to suffer. He was arrested in Rome under Diocletian, and,
after long imprisonment, was sent to Aquileja where he was beheaded about the year 304. His
relics are preserved and venerated in the ancient Church of Chrysogonus, which is situated in
Rome, in the via Trastevere, and is in possession of the Trinitarians. His feast occurs on
November twenty-fourth.
St. Chrysogonus, pray for us!
For the Greater Glory of God,
Fr. Matt