Saints in the Roman Canon (Part 16)

In the Roman Canon, after Sixtus, we find Cornelius.

St. Cornelius ascended the Chair of Peter in the year 251.  St. Cyprian extols him as quiet, modest, and humble. Under the tyrant Emperor Decius, St. Cornelius was in constant expectation of death.  Under the Emperor Gailus, in the year 252, a violent storm arose against the Christians in Rome; but they, with the Pope at their head, maintained the faith with such unanimity, fortitude and strength as to excite universal joy and jubilation, and St. Cyprian could not sufficiently praise and admire them.

St. Cornelius was banished to Centumn Cehlae (Civitavecehia), and there died a martyr on September 14, 252; as on the same day six years later (258) the holy Bishop Cyprian of Carthage was martyred, both names are, therefore, usually mentioned together.  Their joint feast is celebrated on September sixteenth.

St. Cornelius, pray for us!

For the Greater Glory of God,

Fr. Matt