Pentecost Sunday

I will Go the Altar of God

This weekend our Archdiocese ordained four new Priests. As every year, the Mass of Ordination is a spectacular event and should be on the bucket list for every Catholic. Priests bring us the Sacraments and minister to every human need, but they’re not Superman. They are ordinary men who have responded to a call from God and have laid down their lives in service to the Church. This weekend, they formally took up the Cross of Christ and began the lifelong journey to Calvary. Along the way will be countless families struggling to live the Faith, countless baptisms, weddings, and funerals, innumerable anointings, joyous receptions, and endless assurances of faith, all pointing to the divine reality of Eternal Life waiting for the faithful soul.

Let us pray for these newly ordained ministers of God, thanking God for them, and pleading for more laborers in the vineyard of the Lord.

For the greater glory of God,
Fr. Matt