Palm Sunday

Today we celebrate the entrance of Jesus into Jerusalem, and in doing so we begin the holiest week of the liturgical year. Today we carry palms, hearkening back to the reception Jesus got when He entered Jerusalem to the crowds adoring Him. As Holy Week progresses, we will follow our Lord as He approaches the Crucifixion. We will be present in the Upper Room when Jesus institutes the Sacraments of Holy Eucharist and Holy Orders. We will follow Jesus as He carries His Cross, and we will worship in vigil awaiting His Resurrection.

These are the highest liturgies of our Church, and the greatest Mysteries of our Faith. Strive to attend as many of this liturgies as you can, and may we all be inspired to know these Mysteries better, to love God ever more, and to strive always for Eternal Life.

For the Greater Glory of God,
Fr. Matt