Today is the first Sunday of Lent.  It’s time once again to take spiritual combat to task, and the battle began with ashes on our foreheads.  The ashes, made from last year’s palms, were imposed with the words, “Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return.”  These words are a stark reminder of not only the relative brevity of our lives, but of what follows: the Four Last Things.

The Four Last Things are Death, Judgment, Heaven and Hell, the last two being mutually exclusive (you can’t have it both ways).  That means that we will be faced with a once-and-for-all decision, and there will be no going back. The mistake most people make, however, isn’t the choice itself.  Rather, the mistake is when people make that decision.  Far too many people put it off, and just live their lives as they please, trying to be a “good person.”  They fail to realize that the moment of death is not the time to make the decision. The time is now, and that is what spiritual combat is all about.

We have to choose now to reject the glamour of evil, and refuse to be mastered by sin.  We have to choose now whom we will serve, God or something else. While it is true that we will be faced with the decision at the moment of death, it is also true that how we live our lives right now – each and every day – will prepare us for that decision.

Lent is a good time for us to double down on our commitment to God.  Let Him guide every decision in your life, for that is the best possible way to prepare for that final decision.

For the Greater Glory of God,

Fr. Matt