Eleventh Sunday in Ordinary Time

Happy Trails!

Happy Trails indeed! In the middle of June, we find Fr. Dan getting ready to hit the trail to Piqua. He’s off for the last two weeks of June to get ready for the move, and we wish him all the best as he prepares for this monumental transition.

Also in this month of June, we find Fr. Ignatius Maria Shekar Madanu on the trail from India to Champaign County. This trail is a bit more difficult, and the Archdiocese is still working out the details.

Finally, we are in the beginning stages of chartering a Trail Life USA Troop at St. Mary. Trail Life USA is the overtly Christian answer to the concerning trends that have been developing in the Boy Scouts of America since 2012. Our Trail Life USA Troop will be overtly Christian and specifically Catholic. In addition to the outdoor elements of the program (and lots of fun), boys and young men will find solid, Catholic formation. Once Trail Life USA is up and running, we will be looking to start an American Heritage Girls Troop, which does for girls what Trail Life USA does for boys. All in good time (one huge task at a time, please). While these efforts will be hosted at St. Mary, membership will be open to all of the parishes.

For the greater glory of God,
Fr. Matt