Please plan to arrive early!  Because of social distancing, church capacity will be significantly reduced and the number of people who attend a particular Mass will have to be regulated and limited.  Please remember that you have been dispensed from the obligation to attend Sunday Mass, and that dispensation will remain in place for the foreseeable future.  Thus, those who wish to participate in Mass and receive Holy Communion can do so by attending any Mass that is celebrated any day of the week.

  • It is possible that there will not be enough seating for everyone who wishes to attend, and that some people may have to be turned away at the door.
  • People attending Mass are encouraged to wear a mask. Please bring your own mask.  We have a VERY limited supply for those who do not have one.
  • There is a hand sanitizer dispenser located near each entrance door.
  • There is no holy water available in the fonts.
  • Upon arrival at the church, please follow the posted instructions, as well as any instructions from the ushers.
  • Some doors have been designated entrance only, and some exit only. Please use them accordingly.
  • Every other pew has been marked with blue tape. Please only sit in pews that have blue tape on the end of the pew and along the top of the pew back.
  • In order to maintain social distancing, one side of the nave (main body) of the church has been designated for individuals and couples, the other side of the nave (main body) of the church and the transept have been designated for families.
  • Members of the same couple or the same family group are not required to social distance from members of their group. However, each individual, couple, or family group should social distance from the next individual, couple, or family group.
  • Ushers will assist in seating, and will fill the church from the front to the back.
  • There will be no choir at this time, and no seating in the choir area.
  • Hymnals and missalettes have been removed.
  • The Sign of Peace will be omitted.
  • The Ushers will not be coming to collect your donations and envelopes. Instead there will be baskets for you to place your contributions in, after you receive Holy Communion.  They will be marked with yellow signs.
  • Traffic patterns for reception of Holy Communion will be different from what you’re used to. There are arrows and x’s on the floor.  Father will explain it, and the ushers will be assisting and releasing rows one at a time.  Please remain 6 feet from other parishioners while in line for Holy Communion.  (This does not apply to parents who are assisting their small children.)
  • When you leave your pew to receive Holy Communion, please put your kneeler up and keep the walkway clear.
  • Parishioners WILL have the choice of receiving the Body of Christ either standing or kneeling, and either in the hand or on the tongue.
  • The Precious Blood will not be available to the parishioners.
  • After the Priest recesses from the church, the Ushers will assist people in leaving the church in a socially distanced manner. They will start at the front of the church.
  • The church will be cleaned after Masses, including all high-touch points (pews, doors, handles, etc.)

Thank you for your patience and cooperation during this time. These processes are new for all of us, and it will take some time for us to get used to the changes.