Source and Summit

Are you ready?
We often speak of “going to Mass” like the way we go to a concert, movie, or theater performance. Even though we know that the Eucharist is not a performance, it may be hard to put into words what we do at the Mass. And as long as we think of ourselves as going to Mass, we limit the ways the Eucharist may shape us as disciples of Jesus Christ.
Our role in the Eucharist is much more about participation than about watching. It’s like the difference between watching a sporting match and actually playing the game. We are called to full, conscious, and active participation in the Eucharist-we are to open our minds, hearts, and spirits, ready to be changed, to become more like Christ.
When we truly participate in the Eucharist, we allow Christ to speak to us, be joined in sacrifice, and be nourished in Holy Communion. We are drawn to communion with Christ and each other. Through this encounter with the Lord, we are renewed. We do not simply go to Mass. We take part. And our participation changes us for the better.