Source and Summit

What is the high point of your life?
Have you ever climbed a hill or mountain, and from the sop, suddenly found perspective? Or perhaps you recall a particular experience that was a high point for you, a time after which life will never be the same. These summits or high points become reference points for us. In those moments, our lives come into focus and our future direction is clearer, filled with greater hope and strength.
The Eucharist is the summit of the Christian life. It is the high point from we find direction and perspective. When we orient our lives with Eucharist as the summit, the rest of our lives take shape. The Eucharist becomes our reference point from which our daily decisions and actions come into focus with Christ as the center of our lives.
Perhaps we do not always think about this, but every Mass is an opportunity to encounter Jesus. We meet the Lord in celebrations of the Eucharist, and surely having done so, our lives will never be the same.