Source and Summit

Get out!
Have you ever visited family or friends and reached a point when you knew it was time to leave? It is not that you have overstayed your welcome, but simply that the hour has become late, vacation has to come to an end, or your visit has reached its natural conclusion. We might imagine our host saying, “Get out! I need to get to bed!” or you might find yourself saying, “I really have to get going.”
At the end of Mass, we are told to get out. Not that our host, the Lord himself, is tired of us and wants us out of his house, but rather, that the natural conclusion to our participation in the Eucharist is to be sent out in mission. We are to go out, “glorifying the Lord” by our lives. In the Eucharist, we receive the Lord, are formed and nourished and made ready to live as followers of Jesus Christ in the course of our daily lives. When we think about it in this way, being sent out is part of the purpose in our coming to Mass in the first place.